Family Matters

30 Aug

I recently came home from the lovely state of Maine. I was in Ogunquit for a week with my good friend’s family. It’s always interesting to see how other families live. I, myself come from a divorced family where I live with my single and wonderful Mother while seeing my Father on the weekends. I’m content with the set-up, if not happy.

The family that I lived with for a week was vastly different. That difference starts at the Mother and Father still being together. They’re all great and lovely people, with flaws as much as anyone. I found that the mother didn’t stick up for herself, which was very odd compared to my mother. My mom is a riot and a half. The father prodded at her with his words, questioning and criticizing. More so I found that my own friend was responsible even more for prodding.

It was upsetting.  Tensions at times were high, but they always lowered back down for a lovely week.

Family is odd. Human beings are the only animal that never truly “cut the cord”. It’s a relationship that can never be left behind. You have your ex-boyfriends and ex-friends; you can toss them aside like your candy wrappers. Though, those sticky candy wrappers may stick to your fingers for a while,  they will eventually fall off. Families are different; they’re there for good… or bad.


One Response to “Family Matters”

  1. CINDY ASHLEY MILLER September 3, 2010 at 5:30 am #

    In our society, the family structure remains verrrrry stable, even tho exceptions abound.

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