Oh The Prospects!

31 Aug

After checking the mail box 3 times today I learned two things. One, my mailman delivers my mail promptly at 3 o’clock. Two, my high school must kill quite a number of trees in order to mail me my schedule and other unnecessary articles. Once I got past the mass murder of trees I hastily ripped open the manila envelope to find my schedule.

Ripping the envelope apart was bliss, there’s nothing quite like the promise of a new school year. But what is it about that promise that makes one so damn giddy? What is it about the promise that makes one stay up all night on the eve of the impending school year? What is it about that promise that makes one pick out there “first day of school” outfit two weeks in advanced?  (Mines simple: A cute dress I got at a head shop and a jean jacket… in case you were wondering.)

Perhaps it’s the possibilities. The possibilities of an extraordinary looking new student, you know. The one that only has eyes for lovely little you. Or can the possibility be that you suddenly can juggle it all flawlessly. The 3 college courses you somehow got into with the rest of your 6 classes, a sport, the fall play, maybe the winter musical? Oh, and don’t forget about the possibility that you’ll bond with a super cool teacher who TOTALLY understand you.

Oh the prospects!

A new year can do all those things for you. I myself make New School Year resolutions rather than New Year resolutions. For a high school student the year tends to begin during the first week of September. After that September day, perhaps during winter, I hope that I will not forget this moment. This moment deserves to be cherished, especially on the day I am about to forget about the possibilities. Those possibilities that keep one hopeful are beautiful things. They drive you to look forward to tomorrow and the next day.


One Response to “Oh The Prospects!”

  1. CINDY ASHLEY MILLER September 3, 2010 at 4:44 pm #

    One’s optimism is @ its peak, just as the new school year is approaching…

    However, such optimism is only reserved for students such as yourself…the “true achievers” who realize that they are on the path to their own personal success.

    The new school year is another step, on their journey to “achievement.”

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