Summer, You Did It Again.

7 Sep

I’m not sure how it got passed me, I find myself as a somewhat perceptive human being. Well, I suppose this proves me wrong. Where the hell has summer gone? It truly vanished; yesterday it was in my grasp. Today is another story, I feel it but it’s gone. The blazing sun; gone. The nonexistent responsibilities; gone. Waking up at 1pm; gone.

There’s something sad about losing summer. I almost feel like I failed though I know it’s inevitable. I suppose I lived it fully. No, I will not “suppose”. I am extremely sure that I had a fulfilled summer. How could I not have?

A month in Florida, visiting my lovely Grandparents.
A week in Maine
Ocean visits
Walks with Mom
Talks with Dad
Sublime Concert

Sorry, I had to list that. I just needed to reassure myself that this summer was amazing. I see at as so now.


2 Responses to “Summer, You Did It Again.”

  1. scarletsculturegarden September 10, 2010 at 2:40 pm #

    Well at least in America you probably had a summer. Here it was doom and gloom, pretty much raining every day! Well, you can still do some things (sitting in the car at the beach, going round friends’ houses etc.)
    But glad you enjoyed it 😉

  2. sayitinasong September 11, 2010 at 9:20 am #

    It’s always sad to see summer go… but fall is such an exciting time… I love it when the leaves start to change…and before you know it… it’ll be Christmas…lol…and then..summer comes round again… :o)

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