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Sites You Should Know

20 Nov

Sites You Should Know:

It’s a music site like no other, you can make and share your own playlists and listen to them whenever. Here are some of my favorites:

This site consists of articles for the curious intellectual, something most bloggers are and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it to. Here are some of the most intriguing:

It can be heartbreaking or uplifting, every Sunday another set of anonymous postcards containing secrets are uploaded to this site. It’s always on my Sunday to do list.

If you’re into Post Secret you’ll love One Sentence. In one sentence people say a story, from tragic to hilarious, and sometimes both at once.

It has everything new in art and as a current IB art student it’s extremely helpful by inspiring me with new works of art. Some of my favorites:

It’s truly is the “Playgirls guide to radical self-love”, and I love it. Gala is amazing, from her style to her posts on her favorite things…otherwise known as favorite things Thursday. If you’re a girl who also loves to be fabulous you need to check it out.


Looking for Tiffany’s

20 Nov

I’m horrible, aren’t I? The fact that I have not blogged in awhile has been on my mind everyday. I have many excuses, but I don’t believe that anyone reads this so I don’t really need to get too far into that matter. There have been many grand things as well as bothersome things in my life these days. As Holly Golightly said from Breakfast At Tiffany’s, I have a case of the Mean Reds, I’m just looking for my own Tiffany’s.