Mood Rings, How Do They Work?

23 Jan

Mood Rings are fun, in fact I believe they are from the same realm of fun as checking one’s horoscope. Recently I have donned a mood ring on my index finger that I found when cleaning. Really, It’s nice to glance down at one’s hand and be confirmed that “Hey, I do feel content”. Though when I am indeed confirmed, my curiosity gets the best of me and I wonder, How do they work? Well, my dear friend, upon much research (aka, a quick Google search) this is what I found out:

  • There are two types of mood rings: Either a glass shell filled with thermotropic liquid crystals, or a glass stone on top of liquid crystals
  • The crystals used in the mood rings are rather sensitive to heat, once a change in heat occurs they shift.
  • The shift changes the molecular structure of the crystals and then changes the wavelengths of color absorbed and reflected by the liquid crystals, in other words when the shift in heat occurs the crystals move and thus the color being reflected (if you see green, then green is being reflected) changes.
  • The human body’s surface temperature tends to be 82 degrees, while the regular color of the mood ring is green. So, if you are comfortable and most likely indoors you most likely have a “content” or “regular” mood.
  • When the color changes to a blue, known as passionate, it is most likely that you are warm. You may be outside or perhaps you are indeed feeling passionate and flushed because when you are feeling those emotions capillaries in your body come closer to your skin and then release heat, resulting in your new color on the mood ring.
  • When outside on a winter day you mood ring can change black, or nervous. This can also be a reaction to clammy hands due to being stressed.

To read more about mood rings I suggest these websites that I got my information from:


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