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Buddy Holly Makes Me Feel This Way:

23 Feb

Any music from the 20’s- 50’s just makes me feel wonderful. That is a lie actually, a major generalization. BUT, I really don’t care right now because my mind is full of butterflies and other things of rubbish!


I’m Not Going To Promise

23 Jan

Hello. Do you know me? Probably not. Most likely you have never even seen this blog ever. Why, well because I’m horrible at keeping things updated, though I always promise to. I lack ambition.

Oh well, I’m coming to terms with it. I rarely if ever keep my promise on here. I suppose it’s because It’s impossible to pink promise via the interwebs!  So, let me just say at this moment. I will probably post more on here, the key work is probably. No promises! (I really don’t mind too much if anyone reads this.)

Sites You Should Know

20 Nov

Sites You Should Know:

It’s a music site like no other, you can make and share your own playlists and listen to them whenever. Here are some of my favorites:

This site consists of articles for the curious intellectual, something most bloggers are and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it to. Here are some of the most intriguing:

It can be heartbreaking or uplifting, every Sunday another set of anonymous postcards containing secrets are uploaded to this site. It’s always on my Sunday to do list.

If you’re into Post Secret you’ll love One Sentence. In one sentence people say a story, from tragic to hilarious, and sometimes both at once.

It has everything new in art and as a current IB art student it’s extremely helpful by inspiring me with new works of art. Some of my favorites:

It’s truly is the “Playgirls guide to radical self-love”, and I love it. Gala is amazing, from her style to her posts on her favorite things…otherwise known as favorite things Thursday. If you’re a girl who also loves to be fabulous you need to check it out.

Looking for Tiffany’s

20 Nov

I’m horrible, aren’t I? The fact that I have not blogged in awhile has been on my mind everyday. I have many excuses, but I don’t believe that anyone reads this so I don’t really need to get too far into that matter. There have been many grand things as well as bothersome things in my life these days. As Holly Golightly said from Breakfast At Tiffany’s, I have a case of the Mean Reds, I’m just looking for my own Tiffany’s.


Your ordianry Trials,

10 Oct

Your ordinary Trials,
Last Beat, and Beat my Court-
Silence plagued- numb to Leaded thoughts
Hit my World- My sort

Raising Hell, my heavy arms-
Took malice in your Reason
Slammed, jaded all the Damned
Wrecked your World- your Treason

Oh Dearest Me, What have I done.

17 Sep

Or not done actually.

I haven’t been posting anything. And mostly I’ve been pushing this off because I don’t know where to start with all of this nonsense! Anyway, school is pleseant if you would like to know. Truly lovely, I’ve never been one to want to go to school. Some days I wake up and the thought of rolling out of my warm bed to start the day is still scary. It’s freezing, don’t you know?! Gosh, but I do get out of bed and end up having an extremely pleasant day. You should too. Really, tomorrow we should all get up without that nagging voice in our head yelling “Stay in bed! It’s warm, you feel cuddly now! I know you want to go back to sleep!”. Can you imagine waking up without that? How wonderful!

I’ll tell you how it goes tomorrow. I’M BACK!

Summer, You Did It Again.

7 Sep

I’m not sure how it got passed me, I find myself as a somewhat perceptive human being. Well, I suppose this proves me wrong. Where the hell has summer gone? It truly vanished; yesterday it was in my grasp. Today is another story, I feel it but it’s gone. The blazing sun; gone. The nonexistent responsibilities; gone. Waking up at 1pm; gone.

There’s something sad about losing summer. I almost feel like I failed though I know it’s inevitable. I suppose I lived it fully. No, I will not “suppose”. I am extremely sure that I had a fulfilled summer. How could I not have?

A month in Florida, visiting my lovely Grandparents.
A week in Maine
Ocean visits
Walks with Mom
Talks with Dad
Sublime Concert

Sorry, I had to list that. I just needed to reassure myself that this summer was amazing. I see at as so now.