Summer, You Did It Again.

7 Sep

I’m not sure how it got passed me, I find myself as a somewhat perceptive human being. Well, I suppose this proves me wrong. Where the hell has summer gone? It truly vanished; yesterday it was in my grasp. Today is another story, I feel it but it’s gone. The blazing sun; gone. The nonexistent responsibilities; gone. Waking up at 1pm; gone.

There’s something sad about losing summer. I almost feel like I failed though I know it’s inevitable. I suppose I lived it fully. No, I will not “suppose”. I am extremely sure that I had a fulfilled summer. How could I not have?

A month in Florida, visiting my lovely Grandparents.
A week in Maine
Ocean visits
Walks with Mom
Talks with Dad
Sublime Concert

Sorry, I had to list that. I just needed to reassure myself that this summer was amazing. I see at as so now.


Inspiration, Inspiration, Inspiration.

2 Sep

Usually inspiration tends to be with me like my right hand. I find it in the oddest of places; I once wrote a poem about the scent of perfume on an old woman. Though recently I have been at an utter loss of words; quite literally. Frustrated, my mother whom has entirely changed her diet and is losing weight left and right dragged me out for a run. By dragged I mean coaxed, she’s not strong enough to drag me out… yet.

Perhaps it was the endorphins or maybe the beautiful run over the Rip Van Winkle Bridge, but I suddenly found my inspiration. With my heart pumping and provocative rap music blasting in my head I couldn’t stop my thoughts. They went at a mile a minute, that’s 7 times as quick as my feet were! I thought of absurd things, stressful things, and lovely things.

One thought that stood out the most was the thought of my mother’s wonderful ambition. As I said in my previous blog, ambition is beautiful. She wanted to lose weight, be the best woman she could be and she’s doing it at rapid speed.

Not only did she inspire my thoughts but she also inspired me to run even more.  I do adore that woman.

Nostalgic At 16?

1 Sep

Are there any childhood show’s that are tasteless to one’s now “mature” mind that you just end up watching even though you were supposed to grow out of them? I’m talking about shows like Pokémon, Angry Beavers, and other child hood favorites that were forced into the minds of children who were born in the 90’s. Yes, I admit. I do still have my impressive collection of Pokémon cards.

Though I’m quite embarrassed of what I watch on a normal basis I know for a fact that I’m not the only one. Netflix just added two seasons of Angry Beavers on its “Ready To Play” list. This must mean I’m not the only one who is completely devoted to the past.

This makes me wonder though; I’m only 16 years old. How can I already be nostalgic?

20 Beautiful Things.

31 Aug

During the summer my friend and I exchanged letters by snail mail. One of the letters consisted of making a list of Beautiful Things, these are just a few of the things we found to be Beautiful.

1. Good Parents

2. Women who don’t mind their thigh size.

3. People who know who they are.

4. The way pavement smells after it rained.

5. Tall men.

6. Long car rides, which include time for reflection, reading, writing, and music.

7. Dancers.

8. Wind on a hot day.

9. Sunlight through tree leaves.

10. The backs of humans.

11. Discovering a new world through a book.

12. Ambitious people.

13. Marbles

14. Waking up on one’s own, not by an alarm clock.

15. Tinted glass.

16. Curly hair.

17. Freckles.

18. People who are proud.

19. Handwriting.

20. Being snowed in or having no power.

Oh The Prospects!

31 Aug

After checking the mail box 3 times today I learned two things. One, my mailman delivers my mail promptly at 3 o’clock. Two, my high school must kill quite a number of trees in order to mail me my schedule and other unnecessary articles. Once I got past the mass murder of trees I hastily ripped open the manila envelope to find my schedule.

Ripping the envelope apart was bliss, there’s nothing quite like the promise of a new school year. But what is it about that promise that makes one so damn giddy? What is it about the promise that makes one stay up all night on the eve of the impending school year? What is it about that promise that makes one pick out there “first day of school” outfit two weeks in advanced?  (Mines simple: A cute dress I got at a head shop and a jean jacket… in case you were wondering.)

Perhaps it’s the possibilities. The possibilities of an extraordinary looking new student, you know. The one that only has eyes for lovely little you. Or can the possibility be that you suddenly can juggle it all flawlessly. The 3 college courses you somehow got into with the rest of your 6 classes, a sport, the fall play, maybe the winter musical? Oh, and don’t forget about the possibility that you’ll bond with a super cool teacher who TOTALLY understand you.

Oh the prospects!

A new year can do all those things for you. I myself make New School Year resolutions rather than New Year resolutions. For a high school student the year tends to begin during the first week of September. After that September day, perhaps during winter, I hope that I will not forget this moment. This moment deserves to be cherished, especially on the day I am about to forget about the possibilities. Those possibilities that keep one hopeful are beautiful things. They drive you to look forward to tomorrow and the next day.

Family Matters

30 Aug

I recently came home from the lovely state of Maine. I was in Ogunquit for a week with my good friend’s family. It’s always interesting to see how other families live. I, myself come from a divorced family where I live with my single and wonderful Mother while seeing my Father on the weekends. I’m content with the set-up, if not happy.

The family that I lived with for a week was vastly different. That difference starts at the Mother and Father still being together. They’re all great and lovely people, with flaws as much as anyone. I found that the mother didn’t stick up for herself, which was very odd compared to my mother. My mom is a riot and a half. The father prodded at her with his words, questioning and criticizing. More so I found that my own friend was responsible even more for prodding.

It was upsetting.  Tensions at times were high, but they always lowered back down for a lovely week.

Family is odd. Human beings are the only animal that never truly “cut the cord”. It’s a relationship that can never be left behind. You have your ex-boyfriends and ex-friends; you can toss them aside like your candy wrappers. Though, those sticky candy wrappers may stick to your fingers for a while,  they will eventually fall off. Families are different; they’re there for good… or bad.

Why So Sublime?

30 Aug

Hello There! It seems you have stumbled upon my humble little blog. WELCOME! I suppose to do this “About” correctly I’ll have to talk about 1. myself and more importantly 2. my blog and what I intend to do with it.


Name: Carolyn Herrera

Likes: Reading, Cooking/Baking, Learning New and Pretty Words, Writing, Music, Lacrosse, Being Barefoot, Being BEARfoot, Finding New and Obscure Artists and Bands, Painting/Sketching, Talking With Strangers, Spending Time with Loved Ones.

Dislikes: Empty Toilet Rolls, Cleaning Dishes, Sleeping When It Rains, Twilight, Potent Odors.


I suppose I should start explaining why I’m starting this blog. You see, I came upon this wonderful revelation this summer. This revelation being that the easiest way to go about life is by loving oneself. It’s something I’ve always believed but never truly tried to do whole heartedly. Well, this is my documentation. To be sublime (my favorite word… ironically one of my favorite bands.)